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Leather & Gold

Hi there!

Thank you all for your comments on my last post and for welcoming me once more, and for your whishes for my new life! You cannot imagine how happy I was!

Today I am wearing a top from Zara, from the last colection.It has leather in the front and it is slightly assimetric.I love it a lot and everytime I wear it, I see some heads turning in the street!...

I am wearing this top with my new Gold necklace, a present from Eleni, my BFF!!!! Thank you I simply ADORE IT!!!!

I am also wearing some of my favourit print pants. In a summer version here.

I am lucky to live in a beautiful house, with a wonderful garden full of fruit trees (oranges, mandarins) and also lovely flowers.

Enjoy Fashion, the Nature and the Weekend!!!

Polka dot blouse

The last few months of my life are marked by changes. I moved houses, found a new home to live, kids changed schools, friends,etc.I left my job and I am looking for something new...probably something of my own!

This small post today is about a Mango blouse I got online.A beautiful, minimal polka dot black & White blouse.

I am going to combined it with my leather pencil skirt, and cigarett pants.

more here:

See you soon!
Kisses! vanda