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Change of scenery!...

I was starting to get bored with my bedroom's photos, and the wardrobe as a background!! For God sake, I live in Greece!
And from the bedroom I went... to the balcony!!!.I love my summer sofas, so here I am!

This is what I wore for work today: the dress is a navy blue color from Denim Co, the shoes from Bershka, the bag (I love this white bag!) is from Germany,from a brand called Bree (see here, they are really great)!!

I sold a house today!!!...but that's what I do!!!!!


Hair Bow!!!!

When I saw Victoria on her blogMANGO & SALT, with this great hair Bow, I said to my daughter: let's try to do the same! The result here:

We had so much fun doing it!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend:
have fun,
go to the beach,
play with the ones you love,
do nothing....

Love you my friends!!!!
P.S. My hair needs a new colour!!!!! help!

JUMP(suit) for your life!!!!

Hi guys!!!
I was wearing this denim jumpsuit some days ago,to go  with the children for an ice cream, in town!

It is SO confortable, loose,and fresh! I was wearing it with some flat black sandals, and one of my favorite Donna Karan bag/clutch in leopard!
The Jumpsuit is from Sisley!!!

Going to the beach now!!!!
kisses-kisses bloggers!

Dress(ed) for success!

Do you remember this song from the 90s from the Roxette?? I do!
When a dear friend of mine brought me, from London, this dress 2 days ago, I was so surprised.....

This is not only a dress, this is a work of ART!!!!Look at the bottom part and you will understand why!
I will be dressed like this to a wedding on Saturday (My Pilates trainer is getting maried!). I think the dress is by primark(atmosphere), the belt is an old one, the shoes...some of my favorite!!!
Have a good week BLOGGERS!!!!

Arabesque dress...

This will be a short post! I had problems with my camera and the photos are not very good!...

This dress I called it ''arabesque'' due to the print it has.I bought it in a Greeke island(Xios), it is perfect for the summer nights (with a little brise), and you can wear it either with high heels or in the afternoon with sandals...
I wore it with my 10cm peep toes from Asos I got last time!
The sun glasses from Accessories are to hide from a very tired eyes!!!
My favorite gold ''snake'', a gift from a dear friend of mine!


Denim on Denim!

Hi everyone!
First of all I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all of your nice comments.When I started this small blog about 3 months, I couldn't guess that some posts would have more then 50 comments!...and almost 50 followers!All thanks to you!

Today ,or better yesterday-it was a Bank Holiday in Greece- I wore this for an afternoon coffee. I think it's a relaxed and yet nice way to dress for an afternoon with friends.

The Denim shirt is from La redoute, the shorts from a local shop, the belt from other shorts, the wedges as in other posts.
Necklace wore as a bracelet, Watch Guess, sunnies from Asos..and photographer????? My 9 year old daughter!!!
Bye guys!!!! Going to my daughter's school party: school finishes tomorrow!!!Yupee!!!!

Clik on the photos to enlarge...I will find a way to make my photos bigger!

Greek summer...

I don't have a lot of time today for a new post....I wanted to share a photo with you, that represents the greek summer and beauty (for me at least).

Enjoy your weekend!!! promise to be back soon with new posts!!!!
kisses, vanda

P.S. Click on the photo to enlarge...if you want!

''These are a few of my favorite things...''

Probably you recognised already the title of my post! It's some of the lyrics from the movie ''The sound of Music'' with Julie Andrews!!! And here are some of my FAV things right now:
My lovely FURLA bag...such a nice color, don't you think?

My fav GUESS white and gold  watch!!!!
My favorite gold bracelet! It has a fish (called Vanda!!!), a bee and a snail! I just love it!

My beauty secret CLARINS baume beaute Eclair: a fresh look in some minutes!

My recent ESSIE nail varnish code 645 ''My place or yours''!!! Funny title don't you think? And it matches my bag!!!
Have a good week!!! What are your FAV things this week??

Maxi and nude...

Tomorrow I will have a business lunch so I will NOT be dressed like this:

This dress is from Asos, bought last year. to tell you the truth I never wore it before...

Wore with golden wedges, golden accessories(my favourite Guess watch)!!!
The dress has a nice back! and yes girls, I need a tan ASAP!!!!!!