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Super Stripes and other Spring Trends !

This post is all about 2017 S/S Trends!

I am a stripes lover and I was really excited to find out that Stripes are a major super trend for this year!

Another trend that I particular like is the Khaki trend! It is perfect for Street Style and it always gives you a casual chic vibe:

The Trench Coat trend is here to stay!! Thank God cause I can't have enough of it!!! This year is chic with a Twist:

All images above are from here:Elle
Among some of my favorite trends is the Floral one: especially in dresses both for day or night:

Images on these 2 last collages are taken from here: Vogue Can't wait for Spring to come! We have a lot of inspiration from the designers, and the Street Style influencers!
Have a nice time guys! Lots of love, Vanda....the fish!

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