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Keep it simple!

I am getting inspiration  from several of you who are wearing already lace tops or lace dresses....and for sure I was inspired by some of the photos I have seeing in the blogsphere, like these ones:

Sometime ago a dear friend of mine gave me this vintage white lace top, and I decided to wear it with my last year's Zara skirt:

Wore it with my new Asos clutch, great for an afternoon or even night out.....

This is body oil on my legs......

Top: vintage Skirt: Zara 2011 Clutch: Asos Sunnies: Asos Shoes: Mango 2012
See you around my dear friends!!!And my motto always is...''Keep it simple''!
Kisses xx

Black & Neon

As promised here is one of the first looks with my new Mango shoes! The black ones are really confortable, and have the perfect heels!

I tried a sport/casual look, adding some neon colour, like my bodytalk yellow tank top.Sometimes I wear it also at the gym!

wearing:   boyfriend jeans: Guess Tank tops: Body Talk Black Sandals: Mango bracelets : Clau Watch: Guess ....Resting, after a very hard day.....

See you around my friends!

My new best friends!

Hello guys!!!

This is not an outfit post, once that I am at the beach trying to get a tan (so difficult with my white skin!!!)

I just wanted to present you my new best friends from Mango! they are SO beautiful, what do you think? Can't wait to do some outfits with these beauties!!!!!!

BTW, here's a picture of the beach I was talking you about....

See you!!!!!!!!!