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L.L.B.D. is for: Little Lace Black dress!

This little black dress was a gift from a friend of mine. It is Celestino (made in Italy), quite simple but with a very nice lace all over the dress!

I wore it with my ''look-a-like'' Birkin bag (I wish!!!). It is a very big bag, in a wonderful colour.

Shoes from a Greek brand Esthisis, great for an Office working girl, like me!

We had the first rain today.....Autumn is here to stay!....

Choosing eyeglass frames...

For many of us, the most important aspect of choosing eyeglass frames is how they look on our face (for me too!)

Next week I will have an appointment with my optician, so I will get a new pair of eyeglasses! Although my face is an oval shape, and therefore an ''easy'' face for glasses, I need your help: below you will see a some photos/faces ]of celebrities in their eyeglasses; tell me what do you think it will look better on me!

If  you are already using eyeglasses frames, tell me what do you think is the best brand: Prada, Ralph lauren, Ray ban, Salvatore Ferragamo????

Your opinion COUNTS!!!!!

Eva Longoria
Amanda Peet
Leona Lewis Jennifer Love Hewitt Megan Fox unknown The ONE and ONLY.....Christy Turlington!!!
See you around!!!! Kisses!

Peter-pan Colar dress

Hi guys!

I've read that peter pan collars are popping up everywhere!! From Chanel to Miu Miu shows!...

 This is a Vero moda dress that I bought from my blogger friend (I LOVE HER), the Working Girl-Clara!

Here you can see some of the celebrities that are already adpoting this style:

 photo via
 Wearing this dress with an old vintage Furla bag, and my peep toes from asos!

BTW school is starting tomorrow (Monday) here in Greece!!! So happy new School year to everyone.....

...Butterflies in my stomach dress!!!!

Hi again! I wanted to show you one of the dresses I got this Summer. I bought it from a very nice shop we have in town (called BLOOM) and the label is ''In Wear''. I love the silky touch of the fabric and the lovely butterflies!!!!

The sleeves are perfect for cooler nights, and it's a tunic style of dress. Love the blue of it!

I wore it with sandals instead of high heels...


Chignon & Maxi dress

Hi guys!
Maxi dresses were a big trend this summer, and to tell you the thruth...I just loved them!

This long dress is again from the Greek label BSB,and I loved the floral print and the 70s mood of it...
 I wore it with some gold accessories like my Guess watch and golden bracelets, I was having a ''bad hair day'', so the best solution is a simple, yet chic chignon!!!
Do you like my golden ''eye''?(necklace)...this is a very Greek thing, to avoid the ''bad eye'' from the you like it? See you soon!! Vanda