New Giveaway (it's another style book!)


My first giveaway was again a book! I love buying these kinds of book on the internet, they are always a great source for inspiration...

This time I am giving you the ''how-to handbook for any situation'', by two famous american ladies/girls, creators of the great style blog (Hillary Kerr & KatherinePower).

As the authors say:

'' What to wear, Where'' is loaded with practical tips and style suggestions, making it the perfect resource for anyone who wants to feel more confident about her outfit choices. Less expensive than a personal shopper and more honest than a friend's opinion, just think of it as your go-to guide for wardrobe advice and inspiration''

The suggestions are followed by great photos of the bloggers in different social occasions!

To enter this INTERNATIONAL Giveaway (1 person will win this book):

  • Follow my blog in Google Friend Connect
  • Leave your name and email address
  • Leave a comment about the book
The Giveaway is open till Sunday the 14th October and the winner will be anounced here.

 Lots of love!!!!



  1. Cátia Sousa
    O livro parece mesmo interessante, sou viciada no site por isso tenho certeza que será um bom companheiro :))


  2. J'ai très envie de découvrir ce style book et de parfaire mon anglais ! Merci pour ce concours ! Bises

  3. αααα τι ωραιοο!!!κ μαρεσει που διαλεγεις βιβλιο για δωρο!
    ευχαριστουμε παρα πολυ για το διαγωνισμο γλυκια μου να σαι παντα καλα!!
    ειμαι ηδη αναγνωστρια σου



  4. va
    tumblemumbo at
    gfc va

    looks like a fun book to look and learn some tips from !

  5. Stilo

    Já sabes que sou seguidora ... assídua ;-)
    Bem devo mesmo explicar porque razão uma fashion addicted como eu que até tem um blog e tudo e tudo está interessada nesse livro? Devo? LoL!

    Obrigada pelo concurso


  6. Yay i'd love to enter :) I always love style suggestions and tips, that gives me much inspiration.
    xx Tani

  7. Nome de seguidora: Fashionista
    Quero muito ganhar este livro, sou viciada em livros de moda e este além de divertido, tem excelentes fotografias!

  8. Great book! it's well worth it

    1. give me the email,do you follow me already?

  9. Vanda mou, se akolouthousa sto GFC apo palia, alla piga na to epivevaiwsw kai mou vgazei auto to minima: "We're sorry, the site owner has blocked you from joining this site." Mporei epeidi den exw pleon logariasmo GFC gia to blog, alla mporousa akoma na kanw follow se alla blogs...
    Anyway, se akolouthw idi sto Bloglovin' kai panta diavazw ta arthra sou!
    Elpizw na metraei i simmetoxi mou!
    To mail mou mporeis na to vreis poli eukola sto blog mou, se periptwsi pou kerdisw!
    M'aresoun para poli tetoiou eidous vivlia...Para poli wraio giveaway!
    Filia polla!

    1. Already answered you, yes your participation is a valid one!

  10. nome : sara miriam
    mail :
    este ia ficar tao bem na minha coleçao de fashion books :)

  11. such a lovely blog! let's follow each other girlie! xx

  12. I visit their blog every day, I am sure that this book will be awesome!
    Already follow you!!

    Have a beautiful day!

  13. Vanda that is a rocking book!
    I never had one of these guides ;)
    Following you now.

  14. Nome de Seguidora: Célia Cardoso

    Um livrinho de dicas de imagem e estilo nunca , mas nunca é de mais. Como eu gostava de o ter! Parece ser prático e com muitas dicas, como eu tanto gosto :)

    Obrigado pela oportunidade.



  15. Sweet Vanda, i don't have agoogle connect account yet, but will make this happen for you <3

  16. Super present!! Thank you !! I keep my fingers crossed!
    Eva Kasapi

  17. teleio!
    despoina telligiannidou
    pl praktiko t dwro.

  18. My sweet Vanda here i am to participate, já sigo, clarooo, a blogger MAIS LIIINDA! <33 Adoraria imenso ganhar o livro das meninas WWW para adicionar à nossa Fashion bookshelf! *.*
    Beijinhooo enorme,
    Catarina De Anciães

  19. Hi Vanda!
    We just found your blog and we couldn´t help commenting!! We´re a freaks of fashion books and magazines, we spend almost a fortune on them and we have to stop each other sometimes! hahah
    We´ve been checking your blog and it has very intersesting things so we´re following you! If you like ours you can follow back if you want to!

    By the way we´d like to enter in this giveaway so our mail is:

  20. Oh, I want this book soooo bad! It is on my amazon list!!

    Count me in: Angeliki Tagari,
    (fingers crossed)

    I am also going a giveaway for my Greek readers, a Total Makeover by TEO hair design (the full package, nails included). Come over to participate: TEO Hair Design & L'Oreal Professionnel // Διαγωνισμός

  21. Olá querida! :D
    Adorei o post. Já ando a namorar esse livro há algum tempo, parece SUPER interessante. Muita gente fala bem dele! :D
    Adoro o seu blog, parabéns! Gostava que nos seguisse-mos mutuamente? :D

    Grande beijinho,

  22. really really cool book
    !xx the cookies
    visit <3
    share the feeling!

  23. I love this giveaway! I've been meaning to read this book for a while, so I would be so happy to win it!
    Following you on GFC


  24. Teleio vivlio!!! Poli oraies oi epiloges sou!!!

    Elena Dimou-Karagiorgou
    GFC: Elena

  25. Olá tudo bem? Podes ir à página do meu blogue no Facebook
    e participar no questionário sobre o giveaway? Qual o item que preferias-te habilitar a ganhar num giveaway?
    Obrigada, continuação de bom fim-de-semana


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